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Stockholm, Sweden - Friends Arena, 14/6

The boys singing ABBA’s “Mamma Mia”

For EXACTLY one year ago i was now sat on a bus in tears whilst not understanding that i had just seen these boys live. Oh god tears are back

Stockholm, Friends Arena 8/5/2013

Does anyone out there have any advice about panic-attacks? 

 Anonymous asked: "did any of you guys follow this blog from when it started? and remember some of the old old members on the blog? if you did then who were your favourite people who have ever run it?"

I didn’t follow this blog from the start, BUT it was the reason for me to get a tumblr myself. I just really wanted to be a co-owner back then and it sucks that i can’t be active anymore because of school. I do remember most of the owners although i can’t really say i had a favourite. They’re all so lovely and quite obvioulsy good at writing. I remember clearly that i was mostly into the whole concept of this imagine blog and i just loved it so i had to apply for it! Hope you got your answers sweet x - Anna

Hello young fellas! Just wanted you to know that I’ll try and take requests during december and hopefully by doing that go back into old habits! I loved being active here and want it to continue that way. While you wait for my inspiration to come back, here’s a life update:

I HAVE LICE. Like kill me with a baby fork or something this is not even a bit fun. I mean, look at this.



Yup. Looks like i have rubbed in an entire package of butter into my hair plus it smells like really gross old-man sweat. Oh the joy life, eh?


How did this not get mentioned? He fuckin’ broke the record for highest note live beating Demi (aka godess of high notes) so piss off i’m horny



#omg their friendship is like so genuine #like i could literally see ed like being his bigger brother giving him awkward about being safe during intercourse #and harry be all like aw awkward ed but still look up to him and admire his every step #and sometimes he jokes and teases ed for being less famous than him #but the ed does that hair thing on him which makes him laugh even more #like kill me they’re so perf #harry needs more friends like this in his life because like he deserves real god ol’ chaps who cares about him and not his fame #people that will not take advantage of his fame #oh god ed we love you #keep harry safe for us    

Harry eating candy floss - Hershey Park 5th July - x

For anyone out there, Niall just announced that he’ll do a twitcam later tonight so stay tuned and stalk his every move on twitter! 

Today is the 3rd year of One Direction. I am so happy that I found this band and it’s beautiful fandom. Even though it’s been a long time, we have a lot that is yet to come. So remember everyone; Being a fan is not about being there from the beginning, it’s about being there until the very end. HAPPY ANNIVERSERAY BOYS! - Anna 


Hello internet and social life! I’ve recently been gone for three weeks without internet in Oxford over a speaking trip, and NOW I’M BACK! It’s been a pleasure to discover an entirely new culture and city (although… England, your lunches are really bad) but it’s so good to be home again. I’ll be off again by tomorrow, so bare with me when i make the simple statement that I won’t do as much imagines as i wished and planned for this summer. I’ll answer questions now and then (if you actually would send any hahah), but more than that… nah. I’ve missed this soooo soo soooooo much and KJSDOIJBNVAIN HELLLLLOOOOOO!

- Anna xxx

i know i havent done preferences in yeaaaars! but im going to post more so this blog is active again! - ash x

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!!!!! hope you have or are having a great day gorgeous! - ash x

THANK YOUUU! I’ve had a greaaaat day! I even got some 1D stuff! - Anna xxx